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Summit, the Easy Way to Manage Your Devices

Each OptConnect device includes free lifetime access to Summit, our robust, monitoring platform that enables you to have an in-depth view of your wireless portfolio. This online portal allows you to get the most from your device and easily manage your connectivity from anywhere. Some features include seeing all your full device portfolio in one place, checking the signal strength of each device in real-time, receiving notifications and alerts when cellular connectivity fails and much more.

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Location Services

As each device checks into Summit, it reports data on signal strength, signal noise, and other indicators around the device’s overall health. One of the bits of data that is reported includes info pertaining to the cellular tower’s location that the OptConnect unit is utilizing. With this info and the intelligent logic built into Summit, the platform displays a proximity wherein the OptConnect hardware is located.

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Real-Time Statuses

Customers can see exactly how their OptConnect cellular devices are working, watch for signal strength issues, associate them with their equipment identifiers, and even connect their back-office computer systems or customer-facing platforms via the Summit API.

Signal Strength history

Signal Strength

OptConnect device check ins provide info regarding the signal strength that the device receives from the carrier at that given check in time. The signal is measured in a decibel range and populated as an easy-to-read signal percentage in Summit.