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Digital Signage

Placing digital signage at a location you don’t own creates some unique challenges, especially if you try to rely on the location’s internet for your signs. Bringing your own internet connectivity with you provides more control and ultimate success. OptConnect provides a fully bundled wireless connectivity solution for digital signs that includes commercial grade routers, custom data plans, and an entire suite of managed services for greater uptime and reliability.

Important Features

Our fully managed solution includes an entire bundle of industry-leading services, support, and features. Here are just a few:
Icons Plug and Play

Plug & Play

Simply plug in your device, and it's ready to go.
Icons Auto Reconnect

Auto Reconnect

Our devices can heal themselves if connectivity is lost.
Icons Summit

Summit: Customer Dashboard

Access to our robust device management platform.
Icons No IT Needed

No Coordination w/Local IT

Ease of deployment for faster revenue generation.

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Intuitive Digital Signs Thrive With OptConnect ❯

To be successful, digital signs need a scalable, reliable, and impactful way to consistently update its content as the world evolves and progresses, especially as clients push to know their audiences even better than they do now.
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Comparing the Different Types of Digital Signage Connectivity ❯

A breakdown of the pros and cons to help you determine which connectivity option is best for you.
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Future Trends of Digital Signage ❯

As digital signage continues to evolve, it’s important to get a sense of where the market is headed.

Case Studies


Adrenaline - Bringing Content to Life with Digital Signage ❯

OptConnect’s mission is to connect the world. In the same way, Adrenaline strives to connect people with brands. One way they do this is by optimizing content and populating it across cutting-edge digital signage. Looking for connectivity that could fuel the latest in retail technology, Adrenaline turned to OptConnect.