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Commercial Refrigeration

In today’s challenging environment, OptConnect understands that reliability is a top priority for Commercial Refrigeration. Refrigeration units are mission-critical systems that can quickly become a costly service call if they go down. This can result in lost business and revenue for Businesses and Service Providers, wasted perishable food items, as well lost goods in sensitive temperature-controlled warehouses. Connected Commercial Refrigeration units are able to relay critical operational information in real-time to prevent lost goods and business.

Important Features

Our fully managed solution includes an entire bundle of industry-leading services, support, and features. Here are just a few:
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Plug & Play

Simply plug in your device, and it's ready to go.
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Real-Time Monitoring & Management

We monitor and manage our devices and networks 24/7/365.
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Summit: Customer Dashboard

Access to our robust device monitoring and management platform.
Icons Auto Reconnect

Auto Reconnect

Our devices can heal themselves if connectivity is lost.

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Case Studies

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ShelfX - Powering Interactive Smart Refrigeration ❯

With more of their business moving to North America, CBS was in search of a cellular solution that could fit in with their end-to-end distributed energy solutions to power performance, resilience and long-term value for their customers. After meeting with OptConnect, CBS began utilizing OptConnect SIM cards to connect their communication bridges.