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As more laundry operators go coinless, it’s important to have the right connectivity to support this digital transformation. Relying on WiFi or an on-premise network limits your ability to control what is happening and how quickly you can respond if something goes down. OptConnect provides a simple and complete, plug and play, cellular solution for reliable connectivity. OptConnect removes the delays and complexities of typical wireless deployments by providing all the hardware, monitoring, manageability, reporting, and security all bundled together for one low monthly fee.

Important Features

Our fully managed solution includes an entire bundle of industry-leading services, support, and features. Here are just a few:
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24/7/365 Customer Care

Award-winning customer support anytime.
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Real-Time Management

We monitor our devices and networks 24/7/365.
Icons Auto Reconnect

Auto Reconnect

Our devices can heal themselves if connectivity is lost.
Icons Plug and Play

Plug & Play

Simply plug in your device, and it's ready to go.

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A Better Cellular Connectivity Solution for the Commercial Laundry Industry ❯

A visual look at OptConnect's connectivity solution for commercial laundry equipment.
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Case Studies


Statewide Machinery - Commercial Laundry Goes Digital ❯

As Statewide began selling newer laundry machines, they needed connectivity to enable their card stations. Going direct through a carrier for connectivity, they started experiencing issues and needed a new way to connect their coin-operated laundry machines for greater reliability and enhanced customer support. That's when Statewide partnered with OptConnect.
Mission Laundry

Mission Laundry - High Quality Connectivity for High Tech Laundry Machines ❯

Serving multiple clients, Mission Laundry needed connectivity to support multiple new features for their users as well as direct access to device statuses and data usage on the back end. Wanting robust connectivity, Mission Laundry partnered with OptConnect.