Wirelessly Connected Retail Devices

Retail Connectivity

In today’s changing retail environment, OptConnect provides the flexibility you need to continue taking payments from your customers as your primary cellular internet connection or for backup to your current system. For one low monthly fee, OptConnect provides the hardware, the data plan, and a full suite of managed services so you get greater uptime and reliability.

Retail IoT Applications

Parking & EV Charging - Smart parking and EV charging stations require optimal internet connectivity to run smoothly. OptConnect helps aid fleet electrification and EV infrastructure planning efforts by providing a fully managed IoT solution that increases uptime, decreases costs, and ultimately improves the connectivity experience.

Vending - Get real time insights, boost operational efficiency, and improve customer experiences with OptConnect’s vending connectivity IoT solution. Our smart vending solutions empower your vending fleet to flourish while you focus on your core business.

Kiosk - Managing a portfolio of connected kiosks can be complex, so having a partner who understands your business’s wireless communication setup makes all the difference. Save time on installation, money on truck rolls, and get 24/7 digital kiosk service support with OptConnect.

Digital Signage - OptConnect’s IoT connectivity solution will help you deliver your dynamic content in real-time at any location. Enhance your digital signage fleet’s effectiveness with maximum uptime, backend device analytics, and more.

Commercial Laundry – Going coinless? You need the right connectivity solution to support your digital transformation. Using OptConnect as your main internet source ensures optimal commercial laundry connectivity, even as a cellular backup.

Food Truck - Most food trucks are connected via hot-spot or Wi-Fi solutions, but neither of those options are known for reliability. That is why OptConnect offers specialized connectivity for food trucks, so you can save time and money with the best automotive IoT support in the business.