Wirelessly Connected Financial Devices

Financial Connectivity

OptConnect is the #1 trusted connectivity partner for retail financial markets like cash automation, Bitcoin, and ATMs. We provide the most robust solution that includes everything an operator needs to simply plug in their device and know they have the industry leader in IoT connectivity handling everything else behind the scenes. We include the necessary hardware, custom data plan, and a robust customer dashboard for greater uptime and reliability.

Financial IoT Applications

Point of Sale and Credit Card Terminals – When it comes to financial IoT solutions, point of sale systems and credit card terminals both require flexibility to continue taking payments from customers. By utilizing our plug and play, commercial grade routers or simple SIM cards, you can easily connect your equipment to the internet with unmatched reliability.

Cash Automation – A critical part of cash automation systems’ ability to accept, validate, record and store notes is their IoT connectivity. By offering secure cellular connectivity for cash automation systems, we help make sure that your system is always operating at peak performance with no downtime.

ATM Wireless Connectivity - ATMs interact with cash numerous times daily, but they perform better when a managed solutions provider is watching over them to make sure they are running at peak efficiency. That’s why OptConnect offers the leading ATM IoT connectivity solution, helping to optimize the ATM experience for your customers with minimum downtime, maximum efficiency, and 24/7 support.

Bitcoin ATM Connectivity – With hundreds of transactions taking place every day with bitcoin ATMs, having reliable uptime is a key component to any machine, as any downtime can prove incredibly costly. With easy, fully managed blockchain connectivity solutions, OptConnect ensures your bitcoin ATM stays connected to the internet without interruptions.