Wirelessly Connected Energy Devices illustration

Energy Connectivity

Today smart cities and buildings, renewable solar and wind farms, safe energy storage systems, and smart HVAC systems all demand a secure and reliable internet connection. These systems require world-class security that mitigates liability to compromised network exposure. They also require maximum uptime. OptConnect’s fully managed wireless solutions deliver all of that and so much more.

Energy IoT Applications

Petroleum - We understand that reliability is top priority for Operators and OEMs of Oil and Gas Equipment as these monitoring systems can quickly become a costly service call if they go down. Save money, get API integration, and 24/7 support on trucks rolls with OptConnect’s petroleum connectivity IoT solution.

Solar - Minimizing liability to compromised network exposure and maximum up-time makes cellular connectivity the preferred and safe connection for solar. With OptConnect’s solar IoT solution, you’ll get access to our auto reconnect feature, data overage risk mitigation, Summit monitoring platform and more.