Three Square Market

Maximum Uptime for Smart Vending

Originally using hard-wired connectivity solutions and an alternative cellular provider, Three Square Market was experiencing inconsistent connectivity and having a difficult time getting hard wired to a company’s location. After getting frustrated with unreliable connectivity, Three Square Market started to look for a better long-term solution to help their business grow. They found OptConnect and never looked back.

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Optimized Connectivity for Micro Markets

Parlevel offers a robust set of management and sales tools for the food and beverage industry. Launched in 2013, Parlevel has become the backbone of hundreds of businesses around the world helping them spend less, sell more, and optimize their operations. An integral part of their operations is providing its customers with seamless connectivity powered by OptConnect.

365 Retail Markets

Connecting People With Products

As their footprint grew, an opportunity arose and 365 saw a need to offer their customers superior security. In their search to offer customers reliable hardware paired with optimized connectivity, 365 Retail Markets partnered with OptConnect.