Remote Power Switch


The OptReboot is a remote power switch that enables customers to reboot a device that is connected through one of our wireless routers with a simple click of a button from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. This powerful device reduces expensive truck rolls saving time and money.

Product Details

Reboot Anytime, Anywhere

OptReboot is powered by OptConnect Summit, our robust cloud-based monitoring system, allowing access and control from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Rebooting the machine is a simple click of the software's "OptReboot” button.

Quick Installation

Installation couldn’t be easier and is completed in a matter of minutes. Connect the machine’s power cord and the OptConnect wireless router's ethernet cable to the OptReboot. That’s all there is to it.

Cost-Effective Solution

OptReboot service was designed to be an affordable solution for all operators, regardless of portfolio size. Simply purchase the OptReboot device for $129 and there are no monthly recurring fees.


Reboot from any Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
Designed to Pair With any OptConnect Router
Save Money by Reducing Expensive Truck Rolls


Spec Sheet
Screen Shot 2022 02 24 at 10 59 25 AM

OptReboot Spec Sheet ❯

A datasheet that summarizes the performance and other characteristics of OptReboot.
Set Up Guide
Opt Reboot Set Up Guide

OptReboot Setup Guide ❯

A document with step by step instructions on how to properly setup OptReboot.