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mylo dura

OptConnect mylo dura features the latest LTE CAT M1 technology fully supported by both Verizon and AT&T. The CAT M1 network is built specifically for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. When compared to standard 4G devices, mylo dura has superior building penetration strength, works further from cell towers and performs better in crowded and congested environments.

Product Details

Dual-Carrier Connectivity

The mylo dura is activated on both Verizon and AT&T networks – two networks on a single device with a single all-inclusive bill. This means that if one network goes down, mylo dura automatically switches carrier networks guaranteeing your equipment stays connected.


OptConnect mylo dura comes in a rugged aircraft grade aluminum case for better protection. The aluminum casing has an increased temperature rating for industrial applications. The standard 35mm DIN rail bracket makes mounting a snap inside your enclosure. OptConnect mylo dura comes standard with an IP69 waterproof, dust-proof direct mount external antenna, as well as an IP67 rated AC 18-24V, DC 8-40V power supply. Optionally, a magnetic mount antenna and 5VDC power supply are available for ease of installation in all deployments.


4G/5G Category M1
Best Congestion Performance
Building Penetration Strength
Lightweight: 2.8 oz
IP69, IK09 External Direct Mount Antenna
AC 18-24V, DC 8-40V Power Supply
35mm DIN Rail
M2M Connectivity


Spec Sheet
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