OptConnect mylo is a dual-carrier, 4G/5G LTE Category M1 router specifically designed for slower speed applications such as ATMs, POS, Irrigation, Wastewater, and sensor applications.

Product Details

Superior Connectivity

Due to the special class of LTE connectivity mylo operates on, Category M1, mylo is able to work better inside of buildings and basements and also works further away from cellular towers than other classes of LTE. While older cellular technologies might be close enough to work with only one cell tower, mylo can see and communicate with several more distant towers making your business less affected by connectivity issues at a single tower.

Multi-Carrier Redundancy

Not satisfied with superior connections on only one carrier, mylo works with both Verizon and AT&T networks. That means that if one network goes down, mylo automatically switches to the other network in seconds so your business is not affected when one carrier has a hiccup.


Better Building Penetration
Plug & Play
Lightweight 2.8 oz
Magnetic Base
Compact Size 79.8 x 79.8 x 19.7 mm


Spec Sheet
Mylo Spec Sheet

mylo Spec Sheet ❯

A datasheet that summarizes the performance and other characteristics of mylo.
Introducing mylo Video

Introducing OptConnect mylo ❯

A visual look at OptConnect mylo and all of its features.
Case Study
Automatic Industries Resource

Automatic Industries Case Study ❯

A look at how Automatic Industries is using OptConnect mylo to power their laundry equipment.
Mylo slick

mylo Slick ❯

A brief, one-page look at all the features and benefits of OptConnect mylo.
Install Guide
Mylo Install Guide

mylo Install Guide ❯

A document with step by step instructions on how to properly install mylo.
Product Matrix
Product Matrix

Product Matrix ❯

A device comparison chart to see which product works best for you.
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5G Is Here — Introducing OptConnect mylo ❯

We are proud to announce that we have officially launched mylo.