Lyra Antenna

The Lyra Antenna is a small, high-performing antenna that comes standard with OptConnect mylo. With a magnetic mount that can be used on any ferromagnetic (iron or steel) metal surfaces, it is ideal for ATMs, POS, sensor applications, and more. The Lyra Antenna delivers stable omni-directional gain and efficiencies across all common 4G/5G, cellular bands.

Product Details

Strong Magnetic Base

Having a magnetic mount, it is designed to be mounted on a ground plane for optimal performance. The strong magnet base is extremely stable and robust, using only high-quality neodymium magnets for a secure magnetic mount to ensure a high pull force to disengage.

Testing for Optimization

We work tirelessly to make sure our OptConnect antenna options help provide the ultra-reliable connectivity we are known for. We spend a considerable amount of time testing and evaluating different OptConnect antenna options before we go to market to guarantee our customers get the strongest signal possible.


Dimensions: 31 x 94 mm
Cable Length: 300 cm
Polarization: Linear
Magnetic Mount


Spec Sheet
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Lyra Antenna Spec Sheet ❯

A datasheet that summarizes the performance and other characteristics of the Lyra Antenna.
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