Veeder-Root Distributor Referral Form

Have a customer you'd like to refer to OptConnect? Or would you like to order OptConnect devices for your Veeder-Root customer? Simply complete the contact form below and an OptConnect Sales Representative will contact you soon.

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Wireless as a Revenue Source

Generate an additional revenue stream by supplying Veeder-Root customers with OptConnect wireless connectivity. All OptConnect hardware is provided to Veeder-Root Distributors at a discounted buy rate, they can be resold at a margin of the distributor's choice. Be sure to mention the partner code "VEEDER ROOT" when ordering.

OptConnect has partnered with Veeder-Root to provide TLS4 series automatic tank gauge customers affordable cellular connectivity to manage and monitor your fuel management system remotely. This is perfect for sites paying a local internet provider for a static IP address. OptConnect provides a secure and reliable monitored wireless connection to the internet that is easy, low risk, and convenient.


Our OpEx model enables you to lease our equipment and pay an all-in-one monthly fee.

Our CapEx model enables you to purchase the equipment outright and pay a monthly fee for your data usage.


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Referral Form
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Veeder-Root OptConnect Referral Form ❯

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OptConnect Summit: From Beginner to Expert in 15 Minutes ❯

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