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Robust Connectivity

Parking and EV charging stations require a secure and supportive connectivity solution in order for the operator or deployer of the machine to manage their fleet of stations. Rather than simply providing a connection to the internet, OptConnect bundles that with an entire suite of managed services that provides greater IoT connectivity uptime and less stress and worry for the operators since every necessary component is taken care of.

We include the necessary hardware, custom data plan, all the monitoring, all the management, all the support (24/7), the highest level of security, a robust customer dashboard, and so much more. With OptConnect, you get a fully managed solution to keep your machines connected reliably for greater uptime. Partnering with OptConnect is like hitting the easy button for your device connectivity needs.


Icons Reduce Downtime

Reduced Downtime

We monitor and manage our devices and networks 24/7/365 for greater

Icons Auto Reconnect

Auto Reconnect

Our devices can heal themselves if connectivity is lost.

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24/7/365 Customer Care Center

Award-winning customer support anytime.

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Summit: Customer Dashboard

Access to our robust device management platform.


“What really stands out about OptConnect to me is the ability to plug & play, the secure private network, and the 24/7 customer support. The fact that all of these features are just part of their all-in-one solution has made our partnership with OptConnect a viable one.”

“I would recommend OptConnect because the usability and flexibility of the team are unparalleled. We’ve been very pleased with our overall partnership with OptConnect.”

“OptConnect’s solutions have brought tremendous value to our business. Having an elevated and bundled solution synergizes with what we strive to provide our customers. Working with OptConnect has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for us.”


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Ditch 3G Before it Ditches You ❯

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this 25 minute webinar, OptConnect will provide all of the information you need to think through your 3G to 4G game plan so you can save time and resources in the process.
How Connectivity is Fueling EV Charging

How Connectivity is Fueling EV Charging ❯

EV Charging stations require a secure and supportive wireless connectivity solution in order for the ISO or deployer of the station to be able to manage their fleet of stations.
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IoT for Smart Parking ❯

Many cities are moving toward smart connected parking, which aims to relieve the burden on drivers, cities, and the environment.