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Robust Connectivity

With the ever-improving landscape of cellular technology, energy systems now connect wirelessly in a secure, reliable, cost-effective manner. OptConnect delivers fully managed, secure, headache-free, wireless connectivity-as-a-service for demanding energy IoT and machine monitoring systems. These systems require world-class security that mitigates liability to compromised network exposure. They also require maximum uptime. OptConnect’s fully managed wireless solutions deliver all of that and so much more.


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Secure Private IP Network Connections

Private network connections for enhanced security and peace of mind.

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24/7/265 Customer Care Center

Award-winning customer support anytime.

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Auto Reconnect

Our devices can heal themselves if connectivity is lost.

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Data Overage Risk Mitigation

Real-time monitoring to prevent data overage for your devices.


“I would definitely recommend OptConnect due to continuous value, ease of use, and ease of transactions. I know at the end of the day it works. There’s no need to brainstorm or troubleshoot, it just works. We operate in a complex world and OptConnect is rock solid and delivers every single time.”

“OptConnect’s solutions have brought tremendous value to our business. Having an elevated and bundled solution synergizes with what we strive to provide our customers. Working with OptConnect has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for us.”

“I would recommend OptConnect because the usability and flexibility of the team are unparalleled. We’ve been very pleased with our overall partnership with OptConnect.”


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Ditch 3G Before it Ditches You ❯

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this 25 minute webinar, OptConnect will provide all of the information you need to think through your 3G to 4G game plan so you can save time and resources in the process.
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Benefits of Energy Management ❯

With more and more companies focused on reducing costs and waste, energy monitoring systems and software are essential to energy management.
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Secure Connectivity for Energy Monitoring ❯

Learn how OptConnect delivers fully managed ‘Connectivity-as-a-Service’ for demanding energy IoT and machine monitoring systems.