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Robust Connectivity

As more laundry operators go coinless, it’s important to have the right connectivity to support this digital transformation. Relying on WiFi or an on-premise network limits your ability to control what is happening and how quickly you can respond if something goes down. OptConnect provides a simple and complete, plug and play, cellular solution for reliable connectivity. OptConnect removes the delays and complexities of typical wireless deployments by providing all the hardware, monitoring, manageability, reporting, and security all bundled together for one low monthly fee.


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24/7/365 Customer Care

Award-winning customer support anytime.

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Real-Time Management

We monitor our devices and networks 24/7/365.

Icons Auto Reconnect

Auto Reconnect

Our devices can heal themselves if connectivity is lost.

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Plug & Play

Devices automatically reconnect to wifi if signal is lost.


“I recommend OptConnect because of their value and simplicity. OptConnect is an inexpensive option for high-quality connectivity and we appreciate that. Being able to have direct access to our machines in case there are any issues means a lot to us.”

“I would absolutely recommend OptConnect because of the support and the ease of ordering new routers. The fact that we get access to the right tools that help us operate correctly is very beneficial for us.”

“I recommend OptConnect because their solution works, and it stays working. Uptime is vital to our business and we know that we can rely on OptConnect to keep our routers running at all times.”


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