IoT Connectivity

As the premier managed wireless data provider for the IoT Connectivity space, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring, management, and support to make your IoT deployment simple, secure, and reliable. In the Internet of Things, without a reliable internet connection, your “thing” will not work. We provide Connectivity-as-a-Service so you can focus on your core business and leave the challenging and frustrating component of connectivity to our fully managed solution.

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Keep Your Devices Collecting Data Effortlessly

You want to manage the data, not the device and that’s why OC created Summit. Summit is the brain of the operation, it keeps your devices collecting data and alerts you when there is a physical on-site problem that it can’t fix from the cloud. I’m sure you want to communicate with your device or collect as much data as possible. Unfortunately, that can get costly with many of the cloud service providers. Let Summit know how much data you would like to collect and if you’re at risk of exceeding your data collection limit, Summit will notify you. OptConnect’s edge device firmware constantly communicates the status of everything taking place at the data collection site.

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Collect Your Data with Highest Available Uptime

OptConnect believes that if you are serious about building great hardware then you need to be serious about creating great software. Through a partnership with ATT and Verizon, OptConnect’s has developed proprietary software on all of its devices to closely monitor network quality and performance. Through Summit, OC’s device management platform, all devices are in constant communication and determining if a carrier network switch is needed. All OC devices come equipped with custom firmware to gracefully switch carriers and not lose valuable data.

Control and Secure

Control and Secure Your Data from the Edge to Cloud

OptConnect has partnered with wireless carriers to secure your data while it's in transit. OptConnect’s deep network integrations can create a secure private IP network tunnel from the device to your cloud server.

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The Right Partner to Have When an Issue Occurs

Collecting data or controlling devices remotely comes with its challenges. OC offers customer service 24/7/365 to support your troubleshooting efforts. Because OC has tightly integrated edge device firmware along with deep wireless carrier integrations. OC is able to troubleshoot technical issues at various points in the technology stack.