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Award-Winning Customer Service

With a customer base that spreads across North America and involves many different markets, OptConnect’s Customer Care team is a group of dedicated, talented employees who work around the clock to ensure that customers’ needs are taken care of. Being a managed wireless solution, it’s essential that we have knowledgeable employees monitoring devices and tackling potential issues before they even arise. This team is trained to understand, diagnose, and troubleshoot our devices across all of the different markets and was recognized as a top performing customer service team winning Customer Service Team of the Year.

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Always Available

Support When You Need it

In the OptConnect Customer Care department, we work hard to understand your needs and tailor efforts to provide you the best experience possible. We stand behind our product, offering support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our team understands that for us to be successful, YOU need to be successful. That’s why our Customer Care professionals can offer support in many areas like installation, troubleshooting, device statuses, and more.

One call Resolution

First-Call Resolution

OptConnect’s Customer Care Center focuses on one-call resolution so that our customers get the answers and information they need on their first contact with us. This focus on resolving issues when a customer first contacts us helps keep customers satisfied because they don’t have to figure things out on their own and keep calling us back over and over again to deal with the same issue. Our Customer Care agents take the time to make sure everything is resolved, and customers are satisfied before they get off the phone and move on to the next customer.

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Installation Help

One of the biggest issues that customers call in about are devices that have been installed incorrectly. Our Customer Care Center can help show you why issues occurs, how it can be prevented, and how we can help. Here are a few tips from our Customer Care Center on how to make sure your device is installed properly.