Case Studies | Retail

Ace Golf Technologies

A Hole in One with OptConnect ema™

Ace Golf Technologies needed a source of connectivity that would be small enough to embed into the SmartPin, that’s when they met with OptConnect about ema, a fully certified LTE CAT 4 embedded modem that includes our full suite of managed services for increase uptime and reliability.

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Three Square Market

Maximum Uptime for Smart Vending

Originally using hard-wired connectivity solutions and an alternative cellular provider, Three Square Market was experiencing inconsistent connectivity and having a difficult time getting hard wired to a company’s location. After getting frustrated with unreliable connectivity, Three Square Market started to look for a better long-term solution to help their business grow. They found OptConnect and never looked back.

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The Power of Cellular Connectivity for Self-Service Solutions

With a customer focus, KIOSK sought to strengthen its connectivity offering to ensure optimal field performance and uptime. As more applications become increasingly data-intensive and require adaptable connectivity, the ability to manage a scalable spectrum of connectivity-related requirements presented challenges – as well as an opportunity for a solution partnership. With OptConnect, KIOSK can now provide a robust connectivity solution for its customers.

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Statewide Machinery

Commercial Laundry Goes Digital

In recent years, as Statewide began selling newer laundry machines, they needed connectivity to enable their card stations. Going direct through a carrier for connectivity, they started experiencing issues and needed a new way to connect their coin-operated laundry machines for greater reliability and enhanced customer support. That's when Statewide partnered with OptConnect.


Coinless and Cashless Commercial Laundry

While connecting to onsite Wi-Fi gave them access to the Internet, they knew that they needed a backup plan in case that Wi-Fi were to ever go down. That’s when Washlava partnered with OptConnect to provide backup connectivity for each of their locations.

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BCC Payments

Cellular Backup You Can Count On

Serving multiple locations all over the country, BCC Payments needed a cellular backup option for their harder to reach locations like some RV resorts and apartment complexes. That’s when BCC Payments partnered with OptConnect to backup each and every one of their locations.

Automatic Industries

Robust Connectivity For Digital Payments

That’s when the company began looking for a robust connectivity solution that could support each unique location. Automatic Industries now partners with OptConnect for all of their connectivity needs. This is enabling cashless payments and digital transformation that the company has been strategically moving towards.

Automatic Industries

Optimized Connectivity for Micro Markets

Parlevel offers a robust set of management and sales tools for the food and beverage industry. Launched in 2013, Parlevel has become the backbone of hundreds of businesses around the world helping them spend less, sell more, and optimize their operations. An integral part of their operations is providing its customers with seamless connectivity powered by OptConnect.

365 Retail Markets

Connecting People With Products

As their footprint grew, an opportunity arose and 365 saw a need to offer their customers superior security. In their search to offer customers reliable hardware paired with optimized connectivity, 365 Retail Markets partnered with OptConnect.


Bringing Content to Life With Digital Signage

OptConnect’s mission is to connect the world. In the same way, Adrenaline strives to connect people with brands. One way they do this is by optimizing content and populating it across cutting-edge digital signage. Looking for connectivity that could fuel the latest in retail technology, Adrenaline turned to OptConnect.

Mission Laundry

High Quality Connectivity For High Tech Laundry Machines

Serving multiple clients, Mission Laundry needed connectivity to support multiple new features for their users as well as direct access to device statuses and data usage on the back end. Wanting robust connectivity, Mission Laundry partnered with OptConnect.

Mission Laundry