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Remotely Managing a Solar Site

Since most solar sites are in remote locations, Denowatts needed a reliable router that also had the speed necessary to run a site of solar equipment. After vetting out a number of solutions for dependable connectivity, Denowatts selected OptConnect for its simplicity, high reliability, and top-tier support. They selected the neo2 to suit their need for high speeds and self-healing network technology.

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Simpl Global

Embedded Connectivity for Energy Storage

With their SimplMeter product, a real-time energy and power measurement device, using Wi-Fi only for connectivity, Simpl Global was running into network limitations and security issues. Wanting another connectivity option for SimplMeter, Simpl Global turned to OptConnect for cellular connectivity.

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Simplified Connectivity for Solar Monitoring

Cachelan wanted a simplified connectivity solution that they could still manage from afar. After meeting OptConnect and learning about our fully managed solution, Cachelan knew OptConnect was the answer to their connectivity needs. Utilizing OptConnect neo routers and OptConnect’s robust monitoring platform Summit, Cachelan is now able to help their U.S. clients standardize performance monitoring for customer’s solar energy assets in any location, of any vendor across C&I, community solar, and utility-sized sites.

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Centrica Business Solutions

Powering Energy Monitoring With SIM Cards

With more of their business moving to North America, CBS was in search of a cellular solution that could fit in with their end-to-end distributed energy solutions to power performance, resilience and long-term value for their customers. After meeting with OptConnect, CBS began utilizing OptConnect SIM cards to connect their communication bridges.

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