What OptConnect Product is Right for Me?

Here at OptConnect, we offer a range of products to take care of your connectivity needs. From our neo to our OptReboot, our products are made to help you get the best connection possible. So how will you know which OptConnect product is best for your device? In this post, we’ll be diving into what considerations to take when it comes to our products. Before we dive in, always keep in mind that an OptConnect Sales Representative or Engineer is always just a phone call or email away and we’ll do our best to understand what you’re trying to accomplish and give recommendations. Here are some specific things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing an OptConnect product. Data Throughput & Bandwidth. Some customer applications are more data-intensive than others and require more data throughput or bandwidth. Some of these applications include digital signage, camera monitoring, and jukeboxes. If a customer is trying to use our equipment for these applications or something similar, we recommend either the OC-4500 or neo. These product options feature a 4G LTE Cat3 cellular module, meaning they have the ability to transmit more data, faster than some of our other options. Transactional Data. Other customer applications may be more transactional such as ATM, credit card processing, and Point of Sale. For these lower data use and smaller data transmission uses, we normally recommend going with the more cost-effective OC-4100. The OC-4100 features a 4G LTE Cat1 cellular module, which isn’t as fast as some other options but is cost-effective and more than sufficient for transactional data. Carrier Variations. Another variable to consider is cellular coverage in differing markets. If you plan to deploy all of your equipment in major cities and prefer Verizon as your default carrier and also are needing the more robust hardware, you could select either the OC-4500 or neo. However, if you are nervous about Verizon coverage or just prefer to keep options open, neo is available on both Verizon & AT&T. Some customers move forward with neo for the simple fact that they can roll out on one hardware platform and still have multiple carrier options. The OC-4100 is currently available only on Verizon but will have an AT&T option available in the very near future. Ethernet Ports. Another consideration in deciding between devices like the OC-4100 or OC-4500 over something like neo would be how many ethernet ports are required to adequately connect your equipment. Although neo is fast, reliable, and the smallest piece of equipment in our fleet, it also is limited in that it only has one RJ-45 ethernet port. Our other devices have two RJ-45 Ethernet ports. As an example, you may want to connect both an ATM and a jukebox to a single OptConnect device. neo would be an excellent option for flexibility and placement but would also require some sort of network switch to connect both the ATM and the jukebox. The OC-4500 would be ideal here since it has ethernet ports for both the ATM and the jukebox and can adequately handle the data requirements for both applications. Remote Power Cycling. Many of our prospects and customers are plagued with the need to “turn it off then back on again” when it comes to their equipment. In the day of IoT (Internet of Things), many pieces of software and hardware have a tendency to hang or freeze and a simple power cycle brings things back to normal. Unfortunately, this can become costly for those that have to deploy a third-party technician for such a simple fix. Many of our customers consider asking individuals at the sites where their equipment is deployed to do that for them but find that it looks unprofessional in many situations or that whoever they speak to isn’t actually getting around to pulling the plug on the frozen equipment. OptReboot is an excellent solution to this exact problem. OptReboot is an OptConnect accessory that goes in line with the power to our customers’ equipment. It also has an ethernet port that allows it to connect to an OptConnect cellular device. Dial-up Requirements. The last major consideration would be for those that still require dial-up capability. Although we don’t get this request often, we do have hardware options that can facilitate. Namely, OC-4499 or OC-4501. Both of these devices operate on Verizon 4G LTE Cat1 cellular modules and will also have AT&T available shortly. There are subtle differences in these devices but the key reason we would recommend them is for the RJ-11 dial-up port. OptConnect offers connectivity solutions for a massive array of industries, verticals, and types of connected equipment. No two solutions are the exact same and we’re constantly innovating in order to have the perfect fit for every customer and product. If you’re looking for a custom-tailored connectivity solution, world-class customer support, and the ultimate solution for all of your connectivity-related problems, get in touch with an OptConnect sales representative by calling 1.877.678.3343.

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