What Makes OptConnect ema™ Smart?

In thinking about our customers and the future of IoT, we knew we wanted to create a product that could scale with our customers and save them time, money, and help provide a more reliable embedded connectivity solution than what is currently available in the market. That is why in 2019 we launched OptConnect ema™; a fully certified LTE Category 4 modem with onboard intelligence, embedded firmware, and software paired with OptConnect’s industry-leading suite of managed services.

Since its launch, ema has helped countless customers and received recognition from multiple leading publications. But what exactly makes ema so smart and innovative? In this post, we’ll go over the features and benefits of ema and how it can be used.

Innovative Software

Socket modems and ema provide similar hardware features that specifically focuses on PTCRB and carrier certifications that come with cellular socket modems. However, OptConnect ema™ outshines the rest with its suite of software features that are available for a customer to use vs. having to build with other socket modems. Building an embedded cellular connectivity solution is hard and even harder to manage once deployed. Without the right resources and expertise in-house it can be a daunting task.

OptConnect ema™ software suite provides these features ready to use vs. having to develop low-level code to run your socket modem:

  • Power Management
  • SIM Management
  • Modem RF Configuration
  • Modem Network Registration Management
  • Network Health Management
  • Dual Carrier Management
  • Local Network diagnostics
  • Autonomous carrier redundancy
  • Auto self-healing of the connection

Multiple Ways to Connect

Enabled by its software, OptConnect ema™ has the flexibility to connect quickly. First, you have the option to design your solution to the ema socket for a truly embedded design. If you have an open mPCIe slot on your host application you can take advantage of the available ema:mPCIe adaptor for a quick connection to the internet. Additionally, USB is a very common interface and OptConnect ema™ offers that option to connect as well. With the hardware interface flexibility and using the ema software suite, you get to market much quicker.

We see customers get to market 7X faster using ema with an immediate savings of $100K+. Instead of having to source your own dual connectivity, integrate your device management software, setting-up the infrastructure to manage your connected modems once they are in the field, and then manage this day-to-day solution; ema comes with this all included.

To learn more about OptConnect ema™, please visit https://www.optconnect.com/product/optconnect-ema.

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