What is Self-Healing Logic & Why Do Devices Need It

For nearly every business with cellular-connected devices, uptime is key to their success. This is because uptime determines whether their equipment is able to function, which in turn affects whether or not they’re able to turn a profit. That is why it's so critical that your connected devices are able to self-heal and repair themselves in the event that they go down. In today’s post, we’ll talk about what self-healing logic is, how it works, and why your devices need it.

What Is Self-Healing Logic?

OptConnect’s self-healing capability is a set of processes that ensure the cellular connection is as reliable as possible. The self-healing operation comes with monitoring of the connection. If the connection weakens or ever drops, our products begin a series of steps to restore it including attempting to reconnect, resetting the cellular components, and eventually rebooting the entire OptConnect unit.

This processing logic and the software that is built to manage this process is difficult to create and manage, especially end-users that are not familiar with cellular networking. Just having hardware that makes the connection to the cellular network is not sufficient, you have to have the experience and knowhow to quickly repair the connection remotely when issues arise.

Although all of our devices have built-in self-healing logic, OptConnect ema™, our fully end device certified LTE Category 4 Smart Embedded Modem™, is one of our latest innovations that includes an embedded microcontroller that runs the OptConnect monitoring and management software system to provide self-healing capabilities. This feature of ema is the foundation of the patent(s) pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

As part of the self-healing activities of the connection, the OptConnect ema™ has dual-carrier functionality to automatically make the decision which carrier has a better and more stable connection to use. OptConnect ema™ is able to disconnect from one carrier and connect to another carrier gracefully and is transparent to the customer and their application.

Why Do Devices Need It?

While cellular network connections are a great way for unattended machines to obtain network access, no technology and no connection is ever 100% reliable. Because of that, it’s critical that the cellular device understands the health of its connection and for it to be able to restore its proper operation without human intervention.

With self-healing, your device will have:

  • A more reliable connection
  • Less down time
  • Higher profitability through maintained revenue and lower maintenance costs

To learn more about our routers that include this self-healing logic, contact one of our connectivity experts today at 866-678-3343. To learn more about OptConnect ema™ please visit https://www.optconnect.com/product/optconnect-ema.

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