The Value of Owning an ATM

Automatic teller machines are seemingly everywhere. Some business owners look to ATMs to increase passive income. Brick-and-mortar businesses, such as restaurants, gas stations or nail salons, may benefit from having an ATM since it can attract more customers and make money for your business.

But how profitable is an ATM? In today’s post we’ll take a look at what it costs to purchase an ATM, the benefits, and what it takes to connect the ATM.

Purchasing an ATM

ATMs cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on if you buy a used or new machine. While buying a used machine is cheaper, they're usually slower and look older, and because of that, many people might not use it.

Buying your own ATM can be a very profitable endeavor depending upon how many ATMs you manage and operate and how many transactions each one processes each day. Annual revenue can be in the thousands. (Business News Daily).

The Benefits of Owning an ATM

Very few people know that an ATM can be very lucrative for private investors. The opportunity for investment in this asset class can provide strong double-digit cash flow returns and provide you with a steady stream of passive income. Here are some of the benefits of investing in an ATM:

  • Strong cash flow in the double digits possible
  • Real Asset ownership
  • Recession resistant
  • Predictable with low volatility
  • Continued strong trends of cash and ATM usage

Connecting Your ATM

ATMs perform multiple functions that heavily rely on their connectivity. Being that ATMs interact with cash in various ways every single day, they perform better when a managed solutions provider is watching over them to make sure they are running at optimal efficiency.

Their job is too important to be hindered by poor connectivity, which is why they need a managed solution to provide connectivity they can count on. At OptConnect, we are the #1 trusted connectivity partner for retail ATM deployers and operators.

We provide the most robust solution that includes everything an operator needs to simply plug in their device and know they have the industry leader in IoT connectivity handling everything else behind the scenes.

To learn more about OptConnect’s ATM connectivity solution, please visit

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