A Look at Irrigation Technologies

The irrigation industry is experiencing a renaissance of technology development. Now, more so than ever, consumers can find irrigation products that use advanced sensors, cellular, and app-based capability to automatically adjust watering schedules, communicate problems and save water, giving consumers more data and power to control irrigation systems than ever before.

“Smart” irrigation systems irrigate landscapes efficiently. Without wasting water, these systems use technology to know when and how much to irrigate. The days of being beholden to a clock and calendar are over. We are now using real-time data to apply the right amount of water at the right time of day.

By investing in smart irrigation technologies, you can be sure to save water, money, and time in caring for your landscape. Here are three irrigation technologies worth considering on your next upgrade:

Weather-based controller. These controllers adjust the irrigation schedule based on local weather conditions. There is a wide range of products in this category with various weather inputs and landscape-specific adjustment factors. These controllers self-adjust and require very little intervention when programmed correctly.

Sensor-based controller. These controllers rely on soil moisture sensors placed below ground in the root zones of the landscape to determine if and for how long to water. Systems with a sensor-based controller can be scheduled to run based on soil moisture and the specific water needs of your landscape.

Rain/freeze sensors. Irrigating in rain and freezing conditions needlessly wastes water and can damage your landscape. Rain sensors prevent irrigation systems from running during rainy conditions. Rain/freeze sensors add the ability to stop irrigation when temperatures approach freezing to prevent damage to the plants. These devices can reduce overall water usage and help extend irrigation system life.

One size does not fit all, so consult with a certified irrigation professional when you’re ready to upgrade. To find an IA-certified professional to design, install, maintain or audit your irrigation system, visit www.irrigation.org/hirecertified.

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