Solving Connectivity Pain Points for Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs require optimal connectivity that is fast and secure in order to complete their digital transactions. As Bitcoin becomes increasingly popular, the demand for Bitcoin ATMs has skyrocketed. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at what pain points Bitcoin ATMs are facing with their connectivity and how you can combat them.

Common Pain Points

  • Local Internet is unstable or unavailable. It’s important to get connectivity that you know can stay on with little to no downtime. Although this often proves difficult when you have to rely on a local internet connection because of high-security risks, with some locations not wanting third parties on their connectivity at all. However, OptConnect’s plug and play solution allow Bitcoin ATM deployers to control and always have access to reliable connectivity. This in turn enables the deployer to have the confidence to know their machines will stay connected.
  • Trying to manage their own wireless devices. It’s not hard to manage your own Bitcoin ATMs when you have only a few of them. However, as your portfolio grows this can become more and more challenging. That is why partnering with a managed connectivity provider is beneficial. We deal with the carrier and we also activate, provision and test devices prior to shipping. Additionally, our online user dashboard Summit allows our customers to view important device health information at any time.
  • Rebooting. When a Bitcoin ATM goes out of service, the solution is often simply rebooting the machine. As easy as that sounds, it usually requires an onsite visit or a call to the merchant. Troubleshooting minutes can turn into hours as phone calls, travel time, and onsite time quickly add up while lost revenue edges higher and higher. However, with OptConnect’s OptReboot, you can power cycle your Bitcoin ATM from anywhere. This will ultimately save you time and money when it comes to operating your Bitcoin ATM

Optimal Connectivity for Bitcoin ATMs

The connectivity, support, and reliability you receive with OptConnect is an ideal solution for Bitcoin ATMs. While Bitcoin ATMs use more data, we’ve got custom plans to ensure your success. We’ve also learned what it takes to keep these machines connected, running reliably, and have the management and resources taken care of so you can stay focused on running and growing your business.

Stop wasting your time dealing with frustrating downtime and costly site visits. Partner with OptConnect for the most reliable and robust managed solution for your Bitcoin ATMs. For more information on how we’re powering Bitcoin ATMs, please visit

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