ROI Benefits of Wireless Connectivity For ATMs

In the past, Independent Service Operators (ISOs) used wireless routers for ATMs in places where landlines simply weren't available. Today, wireless is the standard for ATM connectivity. This is in part because as wireless technology has advanced, equipment and connections costs have decreased significantly.

Of course, today there are many reasons ATM deployers prefer wireless connectivity. As the largest connectivity partner for ISOs, here are a few reasons deployers prefer OptConnect:

Low costs. OptConnect’s wireless plans paired with the plug & play functionality save you money. We offer wireless plans where there are no upfront costs to use our wireless router, saving you hundreds of dollars on equipment. In addition, the plug & play functionality does not require appointments or tech experts to use.

Easy install. OptConnect provides ISOs with routers that are preconfigured and preloaded with the necessary software so they can simply be plugged into an ATM and be operational in a few simple steps.

Mobility. Wireless devices have access to wider cellular coverage than ever before. OptConnect has relationships with all the major carriers so no matter the location we can make sure you get the strongest connection possible. This mobility gives deployers flexibility when it comes to their ATMs. Often during the life of an ATM, something will cause an ATM to be relocated, whether to a higher volume location or for a store remodel. One of the nice features of wireless is that the router can move with the ATM anywhere and anytime at no additional cost.

Security. Our wireless routers are internally programmed with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an encryption protocol that provides communications security over the Internet, to ensure that customers’ transactions are processed securely.

24/7 support. With OptConnect’s 24/7 customer support, ISOs get our help troubleshooting their routers free of charge and in most cases, diagnose and fix issues remotely. Our uptime averages 99.9% so it unlikely that your device will go down, but in the event that that does happen, we are here to support you 24/7, 365 days a year.

With a number of ancillary benefits, it’s easy to see why going wireless is the smart choice for ATM deployers. For more information on wireless connectivity, please visit

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