Redefining Commercial Laundry with IoT

Just like many of the other IoT appliances that have been slowly trickling into our homes over the past several years, smart washers and smart dryers are a new class of devices that can hook up to your smartphone or tablet via an app, and transmit vital data about their daily operation to you in real-time. So in today's post, we'll be discussing redefining commercial laundry with IoT.

IoT is growing larger, and with its growth, the types of things being connected are expanding and growing at ever-increasing speeds. IoT is redefining the way we interact with devices all around us, and that now includes commercial laundry equipment.

Gone are the days where you needed to stay nearby your laundry in order to get it done. Now, with Smart Washers and Smart Dryers, you can be notified via an app as soon as your load is done. It can also notify you if the load is ready to be transferred or has been sitting too long and needs a light tumble to keep it winkle and mildew-free until you get home.

What’s even better is that if you have a Nest thermostat, which tracks whether or not you’re in the home automatically, it will tell the washer/dryer whether or not anyone is around to move things over. If not, the air-tumble cycles will be automatically initiated, giving you as much time as you need to run to the store, drop the kids off at baseball practice, and still make it back in time to avoid any laundry from smelling or getting wrinkled.

These advancements in laundry machines for home use are also translating to smart devices in commercial laundry equipment as well. Gone are the days of machines being “dumb” and only accepting coins to operate and leaving operators with no data from their machines. Most machines today accept credit cards and provide enhanced features like:

  • Programmable cycles
  • Multi-level pricing
  • Transaction tracking
  • Repair Alerts
  • Availability Monitoring

More and more commercial laundry establishments are going smart and as a result, need reliable connectivity for their washers and dryers and payment processing hubs. Here at OptConnect, we offer the latest in cellular connectivity to help your devices get connected and stay connected.

If you're in the commercial laundry business and are ready to get solid connectivity, you can rely on it, call OptConnect at 1.877.678.3343 or visit us at

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