Q&A with OptConnect’s Commercial Laundry Customers

At OptConnect, we’ve helped many commercial laundry deployers simplify their connectivity. As many operators switch over to coinless payments, OptConnect has been there to support this digital shift. Take a look at what some of our customers had to say about our managed solution and how it has helped their business.

What issues did you have with your prior connectivity provider before OptConnect?

“Working directly with the Internet Service Providers proved to be tough. There were times where it would take weeks just to get a request approved and implemented. We began looking for a connectivity solution we could count on, and that’s when we partnered with OptConnect.”

- Adam Grieshaber, General Manager at Automatic Industries

"Having so many issues with the carrier we were using at the time, the card station provider that we worked with suggested OptConnect, so we tried it out. From the beginning, we've had zero issues with OptConnect managing our connectivity. We know we can rely on them."

- Jeremy Warner, Route Sales Manager at Statewide Machinery

Why did you choose to work with OptConnect?

"When we got acquainted with OptConnect, we liked how simple their routers were to install. It really is a plug & play solution and that made it an easy decision to choose them."

- Geoff Cohler, Software Developer at Washlava

“One of our customers at the time actually introduced us to OptConnect and we like how affordable and dependable the service was. We still work with places that are using DSL to connect their machines so it’s vital that we have cellular backup for places like that.”

- Wagner Lopez, Sales Manager at BCC Payments

What value has OptConnect provided for your business?

"With OptConnect's reliable connectivity, we can now offer credit card acceptance, which is ultimately helping us to create more revenue."

- Jeremy Warner, Route Sales Manager at Statewide Machinery

“When I think about the value we get from OptConnect, they really are the more inexpensive option in comparison to other cellular connectivity providers that are out there. This makes our laundry service packages easier to sell because we can bundle the machines, connectivity, and support all for a low price.”

- Adam Dragomanovich, Co-Owner and Vice President at Mission Laundry

How has having a tool like OptConnect Summit enhanced your business?

“Summit helps us to connect directly to our machines. We use the platform to see real-time statuses of our equipment so that we can get ahead of any issues. We like that we’re able to see how our machines are doing with just a few clicks. This in turn has helped us to save money because we don’t have to send out a technician to diagnose the issue every single time.”

- Adam Dragomanovich, Co-Owner and Vice President at Mission Laundry

Would you recommend OptConnect to others?

“I recommend OptConnect because their solution works, and it stays working. Uptime is vital to our business and we know that we can rely on OptConnect to keep our routers running at all times.”

- Geoff Cohler, Software Developer at Washlava

“I recommend OptConnect because it’s quick, inexpensive, and reliable, especially when dealing with credit card applications. We also enjoy the ability to use OptConnect’s Summit platform to see our device statuses in real time.”

- Adam Grieshaber, General Manager at Automatic Industries

“I definitely recommend OptConnect because they’re reliable, tech-savvy, and very knowledgeable. It’s nice to feel like we’re all on the same page when it comes to our business and our connectivity.”

- Wagner Lopez, Sales Manager at BCC Payments

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As the premier wireless data provider for the commercial laundry space, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your commercial laundry deployment simple and secure.

To learn more about our connectivity for the commercial laundry space, please visit www.optconnect.com/commerciallaundry.

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