Q&A With OptConnect’s ATM Customers

OptConnect is the #1 trusted connectivity partner for retail ATM deployers and operators. We provide the most robust solution that includes everything an operator needs to simply plug in their device and know they have the industry leader in connectivity handling everything else behind the scenes.

We include the necessary hardware, custom data plan, all the monitoring, all the management, all the support, and a robust customer dashboard for greater uptime and reliability.

See what some of our ATM customers have to say about how OptConnect has helped their business.

What issues did you have with your prior connectivity provider before OptConnect?

"We dealt with a couple of other providers, but OptConnect had the best bang for our buck along with the best support. We needed to be able to troubleshoot whenever there was an issue, and with OptConnect, we can do that." - Tony Mercer, ATM USA

"In the early days, we could use standard DSL, and there were some benefits, but we were limited on what we could do as far as connectivity and access to our terminals. With OptConnect, we were able to have a quicker turnaround when it came to fixing issues, and we like that their solution gave us total control over our ATMs." - Glade Jones, eGlobal

What value has OptConnect provided for your business?

"OptConnect has made our lives easy and I feel like we're being catered to. I know I can contact our account rep anytime and receive a quick response to an order or a question. We have a lot of quick turnaround times, and OptConnect realizes that. Even if we need something shipped out the same day, OptConnect always gets the job done." -Glade Jones, eGlobal

“Working with everyone at OptConnect has been a breeze. Everyone we've worked with over there has been so open and honest, always keeping our best interest in mind. We especially like that we can get customer service the same day and that tech support always has the answers we need.” - David Hayenga, Meirtan

“OptConnect's remote capabilities throughout the country made them more reliable in the live event space. Events are an integral part of our business and we needed connectivity that we could count on.” - Alex Patterson, MOBILEMONEY

How has having a tool like OptConnect Summit enhanced your business?

“OptConnect gave us better reliability and connectivity with their solution. We also really liked the fact that OptConnect’s platform, Summit, gave us total control over our ATM terminals.” - Glade Jones, eGlobal

Would you recommend OptConnect to others?

"I recommend OptConnect because the support is the best in the industry, and they do a great job communicating with customers. Uptime means everything to us, and OptConnect is a vital part of keeping our uptime where it needs to be." - Tony Mercer, ATM USA

"I recommend OptConnect because of their overall solution and pricing. If you are an ATM operator and don't look into OptConnect to manage your connectivity, you are doing your company a real disservice." David Hayenga, Meirtran

"I would recommend OptConnect because from day one they've been on top of any issues we've had. They've filled both our mobile and retail needs with minimal hiccups along the way." Alex Patterson, MOBILEMONEY

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As the premier wireless data provider for the ATM market, OptConnect has the hardware, the network connections, the software, and the monitoring and support to make your ATM deployment simple and secure.

To learn more about our connectivity for the ATM space, please visit https://www.optconnect.com/solutions/atm. To view full case studies of the companies quoted above, please visit https://www.optconnect.com/casestudies.com.

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