OptConnect Customer Care Top Performer of the Year 2019

This past year, the OptConnect Customer Care Center created its first annual Top Performer of the Year Award. The purpose of this award is for peers to nominate a fellow Customer Care employee who spent the year going above and beyond. We are proud to announce that 2019's Top Performer of the Year was Eric Funes, an OptConnect Tech Support Specialist.

Eric started on OptConnect's Customer Care team in April of 2017 and has since then led by example, with a focus on listening to customers and finding solutions for them. Director of Customer Care, TJ Carter, said, "I have no doubt that those of you who've worked with Eric has witnessed his eagerness to reflect OptConnect's Core Values - communication, integrity, and accountability."

Recently, I sat down with Eric to get his thoughts on his recognition and to learn why he takes pride in being apart of our Customer Care Center. Here is what he had to say about his role and why he feels he has succeeded.

Q: What do you like about your job?

A: I like the involvement that our field requires. It's never the exact same scenario that someone calls in for help. You constantly have to think of ways to solve different problems, oftentimes on the spot. I like being able to challenge myself and figure out a solution for whatever situation comes my way.

Q: What was your reaction to winning?

A: It was really exciting for me. I am humbled by it, and it was nice to know that I have been doing a good job. Winning this award boosted my morale and confidence. It gives me this willingness to want to learn even more and grow even more in my role.

Q: Why is recognition important?

A: This is the first year the Top Performer Award has been given out. We started with an employee of the week and employee of the month, building up to an employee of the year. Being in a call center environment, sometimes it can seem like we fly under the radar, so having recognition specifically for our team means a lot to us. A great example of this was our 2019 Stevie Award for Customer Care Team of the Year. We all know how hard we work, and it's nice that our leaders see that too.

Q: What’s your best customer service advice to someone in a tech support role?

A: The biggest thing is having patience and really listening to the customer. When agents don't listen to what customers are actually asking, it can really frustrate customers and hinder the whole process of trying to help them. I would say, don't jump the gun on trying to provide a solution, really take time to find the right one.

Q: What do you think makes the Customer Care team so great?

A: I would say our deep knowledge of our products is what makes us successful. Our training makes each tech confident in what they’re saying to our customers. Additionally, our internal team communication is really efficient because we keep detailed, documented notes for each call. It also helps that everyone is willing to answer questions and help each other.

Q: What do you like about OptConnect as Company?

A: We aren't just numbers here at OptConnect; everyone is appreciated and recognized. Each individual role is treated very importantly to our bigger cause. Everyone does their part, and we all gel with one another, which has really helped our company excel to where it is today.

At OptConnect, we have big goals that can only be accomplished in a cohesive team environment and we recognize our employees are the organization’s greatest assets. It's employees like Eric that help our company grow and accomplish so much every year.

Please visit https://optconnect.zenapply.com/apply#!/culture to view our current openings to join our award-winning team. To learn more about OptConnect’s Customer Care Center, please visit www.optconnect.com.

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