A Look at the OptConnect neo

As kiosks, digital signs, EV charging stations, and other customer self-serve devices become thinner and smaller, the need for a tiny cellular router becomes greater. In 2016, OptConnect saw the need for a fully functional cellular router in a small form factor, especially in markets like kiosk, digital signage, and vending segments. That is when the OptConnect neo was created.

OptConnect neo is a compact router that is less than one quarter the size of our next smallest router. neo’s small size allows customers to easily accommodate it inside their equipment to fit a much larger piece of hardware.



Simple Installation

neo is an ultra-compact yet fully capable router that easily fits in the palm of your hand. About the size of a pack of gum, neo eliminates the need for you to engineer and certify your own cellular hardware or to develop software drivers to keep USB routers working.

Just attach the plug and play neo with an ethernet cable and your device is online. And, neo’s self-monitoring logic automatically restores the cellular connection if it is interrupted so your device stays online.

Benefits of the OptConnect neo

With its lightweight body and plug n’ playability, neo offers multiple benefits compared to the competition. Here are a few:

  • Flexible mounting options. Due to its size and lightweight hardware, neo can be installed easily and quickly.
  • Enables remote device connectivity. neo enables remote device connectivity so you can power cycle the router from anywhere through our robust customer portal, called Summit.
  • Saves time and money. Affordable and easy to use, the neo will save you time and money.

Effective & Convenient

neo is a fantastic piece of hardware that is rugged, durable, and reliable while also being cost-effective and a conveniently small form factor. This little device is industrial grade so it keeps plugging along ensuring your equipment stays connected to the internet whenever and wherever you need it to be.

To learn more about neo and how it can help you with your device connectivity needs, click here.

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