Power Cycling with OptReboot

Have you ever needed to power cycle equipment, but you don’t want to pay someone hundreds of dollars to have someone simply turn it off and turn it back on again? This is what sparked OptConnect to create OptReboot, a remote power cycling device.

The OptReboot turns this sometimes cumbersome process into something that is simple, quick, and easy. Customers have the ability to resolve many of their device issues from any location without having to make another on-site visit. With the click of a button on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone you can reboot your device which can help solve an array of issues.

How Does it Work

The OptReboot is designed to pair with any OptConnect unit. Once that pairing is complete, the user simply goes into their Summit page (our customer portal) to initiate the power cycle action. All it takes is for just one tech visit that cost 100+ dollars for the OptReboot to pay for itself. A power cycle doesn’t always fix the problem, however there a large number of instances where that is all that is needed.

An issue that many devices face is freezing up. There are many types of equipment that use either Windows or Android as their operating system. Sometimes these devices will just freeze up. The only way to get them out of this frozen state is to turn them off and then turn them back on again.

OptReboot enables a person to perform this power cycle operation from anywhere without a tech needing to be on-site. In the ATM world, a reboot of the terminal can clear a bill jam.

What Can OptReboot Do For You

One customer that has been successful using OptReboot is Adrenaline, an experience design agency. Since choosing OptConnect as their connectivity partner, Adrenaline has been utilizing our neo and OptReboot devices for their machines. Their technology requirements include digital media, sound, and data mapping, so connectivity is essential for them. OptConnect empowers Adrenaline to be flexible with how they deploy certain technologies, allowing for mobility where necessary.

"Working with OptConnect has been seamless because of their remote monitoring system, ease of deployment, and focused customer service," said Mark Dodge, Senior Director of Business Operations at Adrenaline. "The results are vastly improved network uptime, enhanced customer satisfaction, and better internal service operation."

To learn more about getting OptReboot, please click here.

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