Introduction to OptConnect Summit

When we talk about what sets OptConnect apart from our competition, the words “managed
solution” come to mind. What’s unique to OptConnect is our ability to fully manage any device,
and an integral part of that management is our customer portal, OptConnect Summit.

Summit is our robust, monitoring platform that enables you to have access to your wireless portfolio wherever you go. This platform allows you to conveniently view and manage your devices from your phone, tablet, or computer.

The Creation of OptConnect Summit

When OptConnect began, we managed all the back-end processes of connecting a device but without device monitoring. It was in 2013 that the “OptConnect Portal” was created so that we could begin monitoring devices individually. In 2014, OptConnect HeadsUp was created. HeadsUp is an internal tool that we’ve built to
more effectively monitor each device on our network while also keeping tabs on each of the carriers we have relationships within North America. It is a footprint of everywhere our equipment is operating and lets us know of any potential issues, oftentimes before the carriers even know there are issues.

With the combined strengths of the OptConnect Portal and Heads Up, the portal was rebranded as Summit. This gave us our edge as a fully managed wireless solution provider. Summit is included as a part of our managed wireless services.

Benefits of Summit

All OptConnect products include built-in monitoring and self-healing software agents that operate autonomously. The monitoring information is constantly communicated to OptConnect and is available to customers in Summit. In OptConnect Summit, customers can see exactly how their OptConnect cellular devices are working, watch for signal strength issues, associate them with their equipment identifiers, and even connect their back-office computer systems or customer-facing platforms via the Summit API.

Within Summit, you’ll be able to see:

● Total number of devices
● Currently online
● Recently offline
● Offline 1-7 days
● Offline 7+ days

Other benefits of Summit include:

● Cellular connectivity failure notifications
● Signal strength statuses
● Connectivity confirmations
● Reset wireless options
● Description fields for device tracking
● Approximate Locations of OptConnect devices

The Summit Difference

What separates Summit from the competition is that it’s scalable to those who are very technical
and also to those who are less technical and just want to make sure their equipment is running
To learn more about Summit, please call us at 877.678.3343.

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