Product Profile OC-4500

One of the most important parts of running any business is making sure you have the proper tools and equipment to run it efficiently. With so many products on the market for connectivity, most of us can relate to the stress of having to search through all the clutter and options in order to find the right choice for your business.

That's why today I want to discuss one of our best OptConnect industrial-grade routers, the OC-4500. The OC-4500 is the perfect product for almost any application. This router is built to work with equipment like ATMs, jukeboxes, digital signage, and micro-markets, to name a few. What's even better is that the router can be installed virtually anywhere.

This unit has been tested to withstand temps of 0 ̊ to 50°C. Because of the OC-4500s operate on the CAT3 LTE network, so you should be able to run most applications that have upload speeds of less than 10 Mbps of data. This device is one of many that OptConnect offers and is built to include all of the industry-leading managed services that OptConnect provides all included for one low monthly price.

Just like all of OptConnect’s devices, the OC-4500 is ready to provide reliable connectivity for your machine in just a matter of minutes right out of the box. It's as simple as making sure that the unit is plugged into a proper power source and that the Ethernet cable is connected to your machine and the antennas are positioned where they can get a good signal. All of OptConnect’s devices are configured in our facility before they get shipped out to customers so they are plug-and-play with minimal effort needed on the part of customers.

OptConnect has simplified the process and made it easy for customers to get to market quick so they can keep their operations running smoothly. In addition to simplifying the process though, OptConnect also provides the industry’s best Customer Care team to walk customers through the installation process 24/7/365.

At OptConnect, we are committed to the reliability of our wireless devices to meet the very high standards our customers have come to expect from us. Delivering the best products and fully-managed services in the industry is our key focus. Want to hear from some of our current customers about their experience? Click here to see our recent case studies with ATM USA and Byte Technology.

To find out if the OC-4500 is the right fit for you, please click here. To speak with a sales representative, call us at 1.877.678.3343.

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