Predicting IoT Trends for 2019

The reach of the Internet of Things (IoT) is wide and impactful. Spanning almost limitless verticals, IoT trends are continuing to change the way we live in 2019. While many enterprise leaders have welcomed the advantages IoT gives them, particularly in terms of customer insights, there are still “major concerns and challenges, especially in terms of privacy and security.” (CMS Wire) So what are the trends to watch for in the new year? 1. The dawning of 5G. 5G is on the horizon and with it comes cellular speed like we’ve never seen before. One of the most anticipated trends in the industry, 5G will support an increasingly interconnected world that will drive IoT innovation further. 2. An increase in smart device applications. Devices are only getting smarter in 2019 and are predicted to become decisively more popular. This will span a wide range of areas including automotive, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing solutions. 3. Security takes priority. People won’t only be focusing on creating IoT solutions, but more importantly, they will be focusing on how to make them secure. There are still many vulnerabilities surrounding the widespread adoption of IoT and industry experts will need to focus on how best to tackle those issues. 4. The automotive industry will be data-driven. Cars are already gathering data and communicating with other vehicles and this will be taken even further in 2019. This process will become more seamless and more and more automotive companies will adopt these IoT technologies. 5. Devices will become more powerful. As devices become more powerful in 2019, they will reduce data transfer volumes and cloud dependencies. This will also enable local data processing and advanced AI capabilities. This is known as edge computing and will be prominent in the new year. IoT represents transformative technology, but a successful IoT strategy for industrial and/or consumer applications must work today and be flexible enough to accommodate whatever comes next. With the right goals, plans and tools, IoT can go well beyond an inflated buzzword.

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