Powering Food Trucks with Cellular Connectivity

Food trucks are everywhere these days and come with their own unique challenges over restaurants. As a food truck operator, you must deal with parking permits, rival food trucks, weather related issues, health department regulations sometimes geared for fixed locations, and mobile vending laws. Not to mention that a mobile atmosphere makes it difficult to maintain a consistent internet connection for POS transactions.

That is why commercial grade cellular connectivity is a number one choice for food truck operators around the country.

Specifically, managed cellular connectivity can provide the reliability and uptime you need to keep your food truck up and running. With OptConnect, there is no spotty Wi-Fi, which means no more telling clients you can’t accept credit cards because of connectivity issues. It also means no more slow transactions causing slow, backed up lines. Instead, get your customers in and out fast with a POS system that is securely connected to fast internet.

With OptConnect’s managed cellular connectivity, you get the following benefits.

Plug & play functionality. Simply plug in your router and you’ll have instant access to the internet. No waiting, no long set up time, no activating, no provisioning, no more configuring settings, just plug & play.

Secure network connection. Your internet will be on a private connection for the best security possible which has network security built-in to prevent hacker attacks

24/7/365 customer support. Have an issue? We offer 24/7/365 live award-winning customer support to help you day or night whether you need technical support or have a general question regarding your device.

Auto Reconnect. Our devices have self-healing logic built in. If connectivity is lost the router will takes steps to automatically regain that connection. This helps maximize your uptime and minimize your downtime.

Dual Carrier Units. Devices available that operate on BOTH AT&T and Verizon. Having the redundancy of two carriers versus one gives you confidence you will not have connection interruptions.

With OptConnect, we understand what is important to you and your business. With nationwide coverage and multiple carrier options, we are committed to providing you with food truck connectivity you can rely on. We also provide data packages that are aligned with your payment processing needs to reduce monthly fees and overage costs.

To learn more about OptConnect’s food truck connectivity, please visit https://www.optconnect.com/solutions/food-truck.

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