OptConnect Through the Eyes of a Photographer

Being a photographer here at OptConnect is a rewarding job. Getting to show people our company through my lens is an amazing experience. I’ve always wanted to take photos for the company, so it felt like a natural fit for me when I was asked to do it.

Photography is one of those creative mediums that’s easy to pick up but hard to master. As a photographer you see the world in a different light. You focus more on what something COULD BE rather than what something IS.

That approach lives true inside the employees at OptConnect as well as we are all focused on the future and how we can deliver the most robust managed connectivity solution to connect the world.

Each day is filled with opportunities to push projects and ideas forward to create more value for our customers and remove the obstacles that they experience getting their machines and devices connected. As a company and individuals, we focus on what can be rather than settling for the way things are.

Capturing OptConnect Life

It has been a fantastic opportunity for taking pictures for OptConnect. That moment when I take a photo and then I show it to someone and they go “Woah, you took that?!” or “That’s beautiful, how did you do that?” As if showing them the world through my lens is some kind of magic trick, those are the moments that I live for.

One of the things that have surprised me taking photos for OptConnect is the energy, excitement, and passion that people have been able to work for such a great company. It’s so much fun being able to capture that energy in pictures!

That attitude and outlook on things start right at the top with our CEO, Chris Baird. Chris has natural positive energy to him and it really shines through in the photos I take. That energy is something we feel throughout the company and it is contagious.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to capture candid moments at OptConnect that help tell our story as we strive to connect the world. I hope you enjoy the view from my lens!

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