Optimizing Your Smart Safe Connectivity with Mylo

Smart Safes have completely changed the way we think about cash management and one of the most integral pieces of how smart safes function is their ability to connect to the internet. In today's post, we'll talk about optimizing your smart safe connectivity with mylo, our new 5G dual-carrier router.

Smart safe's connectivity ensures that they are able to automatically accept, validate, record, and store notes in a secure environment, and now, with the recent launch of OptConnect mylo, that connectivity is more optimized than ever before.

With real-time processing and secure storage, smart safes go above and beyond traditional cash handling processes. Additionally, smart safes could potentially mitigate financial pressures related to cash shrinkage, reduce cash handling costs, and add needed access to cash that has not physically left the store while reducing the number of cash pick-ups required. (ATM Marketplace)

OptConnect mylo is a 5G dual-carrier modem, meaning it connects to AT&T and Verizon networks — automatically switching between them to the most reliable connection possible. The router is specifically designed for devices that send and receive relatively small amounts of data periodically throughout the day. OptConnect mylo enables smart safes to:

  • Report information to and from the bank
  • Record transaction data such amount, time, and date
  • Deposit that money into the business owner’s account in real-time
  • Send machine statuses to and from OptConnect Summit (free online monitoring platform for customers)

While mylo was built with the major benefit of having multi-carrier redundancy built right in, there are also many other features that make it a very appealing solution for smart safe operators. For instance, the case has magnetic feet so the device basically installs itself by attaching to any metal surface automatically.

It is also built on the LTE Cat M1 spectrum so that it works better in crowded environments like stores and also has better building penetration. With mylo, we wanted to offer a product with the absolute best connectivity possible for mission critical low-bandwidth applications like Smart Safes, ATMs, and Point of Sale Machines.

OptConnect’s fully managed wireless solution combines the very best hardware with unsurpassed support, management, and reliability. With OptConnect, you know you have a trusted partner with 10+ years of experience focused on connecting machines like smart safes and handling all of the complexities along with that so our customers can focus on running their business.

To learn more about OptConnect mylo, please visit www.optconnect.com/mylo.

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