OptConnect Winter Party Promotes Positive Culture

Here at OptConnect, culture plays a large role in the day-to-day business and we like to keep it on the top of our list when making important decisions for the company. That is why we love company events, because they strengthen bonds, and break down barriers between peers, departments, and teams. For this year's annual OptConnect winter party, we held a casino themed party. The interpersonal relationships built through events like our winter party reinforce company culture, impacting employee happiness, strengthening their ties to the organization, and, ultimately, deepening employee engagement (Achievers).

Employee Engagement at Casino Night

The thing that I love most about OptConnect’s culture is the work hard, play hard aspect. It’s very apparent that OptConnect employees really like to do things bigger and better each time. Whether it’s a taco eating contest, a puck hole game or golf cart racing, we always know it will be a fun time with fantastic people. Our OptConnect winter party was no different, we went all out and it really paid off. We had a casino night at HUB801, a local events venue. When planning the party, I envisioned a lively, vivacious feel throughout the room and we achieved exactly that. We catered to Sonora Grill, a specialty soda bar, and San Diablos Churros made by request. OptConnect is just like any other company in the fact that we have silos throughout departments. This is something that we try to break down with activities like the winter party. As I walked around the room of our holiday party, I saw a mixture of each department at blackjack tables and roulette. I love seeing employees break out of their comfort zone, try new things, and make new friends within our company.

Maintaining Culture

We are constantly looking for talented individuals to join our ever-expanding team here at OptConnect. As we welcome more people into the OptConnect family, we strive to find people who complement our diverse culture and who are excited to contribute to it in positive ways. Transparency and communication are two things our culture is built on. According to Forbes, one approach to eliminating negativity in culture is to be completely transparent. This of course starts with our CEO Chris Baird, who constantly communicates what is going on to our entire employee base and empowers all of us to make decisions, move projects forward, and look for ways to innovate. Another factor is continuing to put together events like these, opportunities for employees to get together outside of work and find common ground. We work hard and we celebrate our success together as a team because it is that close bond that makes it all possible. And now comes the fun part of starting to plan our next company event!

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