OptConnect’s National Day of Service 2022

We understand the importance of giving back and helping others along their journey. We embrace the philosophy that every day provides opportunities to look for ways to help others. We take time to look for needs in others’ situations and do not hesitate to take action. After years of providing consistent community service, previous community service, we decided to create a formal annual program in 2018 called OptConnect Gives Back to ensure that service continues on a regular basis.

As a part of that program and National Service Day, this year OptConnect and PWS took time to give back to our communities.

Service in Kaysville

In Kaysville, we spread mulch and rock around the police station. We had to prep and remove trash and debris. We removed (8) 50 gallon bags of trash and debris (leaves, etc.). We spread 37 cubic yards of mulch which weighed over 29,600 pounds. We also brought in the Udder Rivals food truck and provided ice cream to the public works, local fire station and police department.

Service in San Jose

On the PWS side, we met at a local food bank by the name of "Reaching Out", they help distribute food to the community, often that food comes to them by way of donation from local grocery stores and other suppliers. We helped sort and bag the food that will be distributed out to families in the San Jose area over the next 48 hours.

The team handled the following (In pounds):

  • Onions = 2250

  • Carrots = 2000

  • Sweet Potatoes = 2240

  • Tomatoes = 1140

  • Rice Mix = 2200

  • Chicken = 3,440

  • Total: 13,270 Pounds! + 16 bins which feeds 40 families per bin.

Overall, the team allowed us to serve over 1800 families, seniors, student families and homeless.

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