Meet the OptConnect Operations Team

The operations team is where the rubber meets the road for OptConnect. We see to it that thousands of devices come in our doors, get received, activated, tested for quality control and even customized to customer specifications before fulfilling our doors to connect the world. Whether we are issuing PO's for parts we're working with for new products or helping complete 100's of activations per day, while managing any deactivation or reactivation projects for customers as well.

With managing warranty returns and other device returns, new parts and equipment receipts, all while fulfilling thousands of cellularly-connected devices each month that pass our quality tests here, it goes without saying that this team raises the bar.

Above & Beyond For Customers

OptConnect’s operations team sees to it that thousands of devices come in our doors, get received, activated, and tested for quality control. That isn't even mentioning what we are doing to assist customers with upgrading 3G devices in-house as well. We upgrade devices to 4G, perform quality checks and test each device to ensure quality. In fact, we saw a 40% increase in upgrades performed from 2019 to 2020.

The team also makes device management even easier by providing dual-carrier products that leave our doors now with not just one quality carrier but support devices with up to two carriers and conduct the activations for those devices and testing as well. In 2019 and 2020, the team powered through 3 new product launches for OptConnect mylo, solo, and ema. They had to figure out how to activate, test, confirm and ship these new products and build an efficient process behind each one of them, which is no easy task. Often there would be orders for these products before processes were even nailed down.

Improving The Experience

When a new product is released it is imperative for the success of that product that testing and device performance operate on all cylinders. Some of our products have not been the easiest to update or to pass tests on when they are first received. This team continually triages those problems whether with hardware, carriers, or other inhibitions and innovates to find workarounds to improve the experience for our team and most importantly, improve the experience for each of our customers as they run their businesses and connect their livelihoods.

By far and away this team just outworks and outperforms on a consistent basis. Due to their dedication and hard work, we saw a 23% increase in devices shipped from 2019 to 2020. The growth of OptConnect largely falls on our operation's team's shoulders. When large sales orders are closed, or huge initiatives come up, it's always the operations team that learns about these projects first, and then is nearly always this team that is one of the last ones to leave ensuring that customer expectations are met to the best of our ability.

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