OptConnect Revitalizes The American Legion Layton Post

To commemorate National Acts of Service Day, OptConnect chose to revitalize the American Legion Layton Post. The Post has been a pillar of support for our veterans and community members for decades.

However, time and wear have taken their toll on the establishment, impacting its ability to continue providing vital services and support to those in need.

To get a deeper understanding behind the project, I sat down with OptConnect's Bri Davis, Human Resources Manager, for a Q&A.

Can you tell us more about OptConnect's 9/11 National Acts of Service Day project and what motivated the company to take on this initiative?

Giving back to the community and making a tangible difference in the lives of others is an instrumental part of who we are as a company. We believe that by actively engaging in initiatives like National Acts of Service Day, we not only honor those who were affected by the tragic events of that day, but also reinforce our commitment to uplifting and strengthening the communities in which we operate.

The project included the restoration of the parking lot, landscape beautification efforts, building exterior painting and sealing, and a much needed roof replacement. Each of these improvements were aimed at enhancing the facility’s usability and aesthetics, ensuring the American Legion Layton Post remains a point of pride for the community.

Why was this particular location chosen for the project?

The decision to focus our efforts on the American Legion Layton Post was made with a great deal of thought and consideration. A few key reasons include:

Historical Significance: The Post is situated near the historic Layton Stage Coach Station on the Utah, Idaho, Montant (Virginia City) trial which operated in the late 1800’s. This station played a pivotal role in the region’s history, carrying mail and passengers between Salt Lake and points north and west. This historical significance adds an extra layer of importance to the revitalization project, connecting the past with the present.

Community Impact: The Post has served as a central hub for veterans, their families and the wider community for many years. By revitalizing such an important establishment, we aimed to rejuvenate not just the physical space, but also the spirit and morale of the community it serves.

Urgent Need: During our assessments, it became clear the Post was in immediate need of infrastructural and aesthetic improvements to continue serving the community.

Can you share some details about the landscape beautification aspect of the project? What improvements were made to the American Legion Layton Post's outdoor area?

The landscape beautification was a vital component of our effort to rejuvenate and enhance the overall aesthetics of the area. One of our primary objectives was to create a welcoming and serene environment for all who visit and utilize the facility. We were fortunate to have Valspar generously donate stain for the exterior of the cabin, which was years overdue. Their contribution ensured the cabin not only received a protective layer against the elements but also a refreshed and enriched appearance that complements the surrounding landscape.

Furthermore, the beautiful selection of bark, shrubs, and plants that now adorn the property were kindly donated by J&J Nursery, a well-known local nursery and garden center. Their landscaping expertise and generous contribution played a pivotal role in transforming the grounds into a lush and inviting space. We included visually appealing plants suited to the local climate, ensuring a thriving, prideful landscape for years to come.


Parking lot renovation is an unusual but essential part of this project. What challenges did the company face during the renovation, and how was it addressed?

During the renovation of the parking lot, we faced some challenges similar to any major renovation project. These included coordinating the availability of resources and minimizing disruptions to the Post's daily operations. Thankfully, we partnered with Morgan Pavement to handle the renovation. As part of their company's commitment to serve the community, they generously offered to renovate the parking lot.

They were able to complete the renovation in just one day, ensuring that the members and visitors of the Post were not inconvenienced. The services provided by Morgan Pavement not only improved the durability and appearance of the parking lot but also helped us avoid potential budgetary constraints.

Roof replacement can be a significant undertaking. Could you elaborate on the process and materials used to replace the roof at the American Legion Layton Post?

We worked with a local roofing company called Rick Bangerter Roofing who generously offered their time and expertise for the entire project. Their extensive experience and knowledge in the field proved to be invaluable. A detailed assessment revealed significant damage to the sheeting and some sections of the wood had become exposed with signs of deterioration. After a thorough inspection of the existing roof, they recommended a full demolition and rebuild.

To ensure the safety of everyone involved and the efficiency of the entire renovation, we took a phased approach. We began with restoring the parking lot to create a safe and accessible environment for all subsequent project phases. Once the parking lot was completed, we moved on to beautifying the landscaping. The sequencing was important to allow the stain for the landscaping structures and other elements to dry adequately, ensuring longevity and aesthetics.

Only after the completion of the parking lot restoration and landscaping beautification did we start the roofing demolition and replacement. We followed this strategy to ensure that no one could get hurt onsite during the roofing demo and to prevent any potential disturbances to the newly landscaped areas.

Roof Replaacement

How did OptConnect coordinate and collaborate with its employees and partners to execute this multifaceted project successfully?

One of the cornerstones of our coordinated effort was our dedicated Acts of Service Committee. This committee played a pivotal role in streamlining communication throughout the project's duration. They were responsible for disseminating regular updates and information to our employees, ensuring that everyone was aligned with the project's objectives and progress.

Moreover, the committee liaised with our sponsors and partners, fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring all parties were informed and engaged.

Were there any unexpected obstacles or challenges encountered during the project, and how did the team overcome them?

Like any significant undertaking, we did encounter some unexpected obstacles. However, our team's adaptability, dedication, and problem-solving skills allowed us to address these challenges effectively.

One of the initial challenges we faced was determining the precise property line for the parking lot restoration. It was essential to ensure that our renovations did not encroach on neighboring properties. To overcome this, we consulted with local property records and engaged in discussions with adjacent property owners to reach a consensus. This collaborative approach ensured we had clarity before moving forward with the parking lot restoration.

During the initial stages of the project, we discovered an unexpected bee infestation in certain areas. Recognizing the importance of safety we decided to act proactively. Before our team and contractors arrived on site, we coordinated a comprehensive bee-spraying procedure. This guaranteed that our worksite was safe and free from potential bee-related disturbances.

A notable challenge we encountered was with regard to the installation of a sprinkling system. While we had hoped to implement a comprehensive system to ensure the longevity and health of the newly landscaped areas, various unforeseen constraints prevented us from doing so. Despite this setback, our team brainstormed alternative solutions to maintain the landscaping effectively, including identifying optimal plant choices that require less frequent watering and setting up manual watering schedules.

While these challenges certainly tested our team's resilience, they also provided valuable learning experiences. Our team's proactive approach, coupled with the support and understanding of our partners and the community, ensured that we were able to successfully navigate these obstacles and deliver a revitalized American Legion Layton Post.

What kind of impact has this revitalization project had on the American Legion Layton Post and the local community?

The revitalization project has the potential to greatly impact the American Legion Layton Post and the local community. It will significantly improve the physical appearance and functionality of the post, creating a more welcoming and attractive environment for both visitors and members.

Additionally, it has the potential to generate a higher level of interest and participation in Legion activities, fostering a stronger sense of community within the local area. Overall, the revitalization project has a positive and transformative impact on the Post and the surrounding community, creating a more dynamic and engaging space for people to come together and connect.

In what ways does OptConnect plan to continue its commitment to community service and charitable initiatives in the future?

Our commitment to community service and charitable initiatives is not just a one-off endeavor but an ingrained part of our company ethos. As we move forward, we will continue to identify avenues to make meaningful contributions, leveraging both our resources and the passion of our employees.

We hold a special reverence for the sacrifices made by veterans and the rich history of our community. As part of our commitment, we are actively looking to collaborate on projects catering to veterans' well-being and recognition. This might involve partnerships with veterans' homes, providing job opportunities, or supporting initiatives that aim to preserve and educate about our local history. We believe we can pave the way for a more inclusive and compassionate future by acknowledging and honoring the past.

How can other organizations or individuals get involved in similar acts of service or collaborate with OptConnect on future community projects?

The synergy of organizations and individuals coming together can amplify positive impacts in our communities so we are always open to collaboration. Organizations or individuals interested in partnering with us for community projects can directly reach out to our Acts of Service Committee here: https://share.hsforms.com/1NpBK6fdNSrKGJVJ9sPF4TQ5ibfb.

We have regular brainstorming sessions and strategy meetings to plan future projects, and we greatly value insights and participation from potential partners.

A highly recommended platform for those looking to get involved in acts of service is the JustServe website. It offers a myriad of opportunities for both organizations and individuals to participate in local community service projects.

By signing up on JustServe, you can stay updated about ongoing and upcoming projects, including those we might be involved in. It's an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations that are dedicated to making a difference.

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