OptConnect Implements Motivosity

Specific to our company culture, we are currently working to remove any roadblocks regarding employee engagement. That is why we made a recent decision to implement Motivosity, an appreciation platform for employees and managers to recognize peers. In any company that is continuously growing, improvement is always needed. In fact, our CEO Chris Baird always reminds us of a quote he saw in the JFK airport by the founder of the outdoor apparel company Fjällräven, Äke Nordin who said, “We’ve been trekking for 50 years, and I hope we never get there.” This quote can hold several meanings, but to OptConnect it means that our goals will always be changing for the better and we can always continue to improve. With Motivosity, employees are encouraged to give thanks to one another for everyday accomplishments. This appreciation is given a monetary value that the rewarded employee can then spend on gift cards as they wish. Since implementing Motivosity we have seen a huge adoption rate by employees who are recognizing coworkers. We can already see an improvement with departments giving and receiving recognition outside of their silos. We’ve chosen to move forward with Motivosity because we know that employee recognition is key to a winning company culture. We are pleased with the results so far and from an HR perspective, I am especially happy to see how it is giving our employees confidence and motivation to continue working hard. In particular, I am excited to see how this program helps with employee retention. Especially because when employees are recognized by their peers and leaders, it can increase job fulfillment and satisfaction. With Motivosity we are also getting access to analytics that are helping us to see which departments get the most recognition and what core values are being highlighted by accomplishments. This helps us to stay in tune with our employees and gives us insight into who is going above and beyond. Here at OptConnect, we do our best to make sure employees know that they are the most important part of our company. Culture means everything to us and Motivosity is just one more way that we’re helping to foster a positive environment for all of our employees.

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