OptConnect Employees Step Into Virtual Reality

At a recent company-wide training we had the opportunity to push the limits of virtual reality at an engaging development site of the VOID located near our corporate offices here in Utah. Paired with 2-3 other coworkers we experienced a sensational Star Wars adventure in the confines of what appeared to be nothing more than a few rooms, no larger than a couple of standard cubicles bunched together. In the few minutes I was involved (that seemed much longer than it really was), I and my coworkers appeared to be stormtroopers, given a specific mission to accomplish. When I looked at them, I no longer saw the person I sat next to at work, I saw a fellow stormtrooper about to engage with me on a specific journey. We had officially stepped into virtual reality. We were in a typical Star Wars environment and felt our ship suddenly be detoured, the warmth of lava as we exited the ship, even shot at the ‘bad guys’ and felt like we were being transported or elevated upward on a platform over said lava, even though I do not recall ever really leaving the ground. This experience was the result of some very good developmental programming, setup, and execution on the part of the VOID. It caused me to ponder what it really takes to create a phenomenal user experience. It made me think about what it really takes to hit a home run with our clients and what kind of experience we can provide for them. The experience also reinforced the importance of teamwork, playing into people's strengths and working together to succeed.

Thoughts From CEO Chris Baird

For me, getting out of our day to day environment and stepping “beyond reality”, even for just a few minutes, was an important experience for the collective team. The VOID, which stands for Vision of Infinite Dimensions, was gracious enough to share their story with us and allow us to experience first-hand what it looks like when a team comes together to execute on a vision and a plan, even if that plan has to change along the way. Rarely do we get it right on the first try, and The VOID is no exception. Their story is inspirational, in and of itself. Our experience was first class and ties so nicely in with our corporate theme of being intentional, creating a vision, and executing on the plan and making adjustments along the way. As we walked out of their facility that afternoon, we walked away with a deeper sense of understanding as to what it takes to accomplish our goals, better serve our customers. The overall experience was priceless, the lessons learned were invaluable.

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