OptConnect ema™ Wins 2019 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award

OptConnect ema™ wins 2019 IoT Evolution Product of the Year from IoT Evolution World, a leading website covering IoT technologies. This award honors the best and most innovative products and solutions powering the Internet of Things.

This has been a great recognition for ema considering that this is its second awardsince its launch in May 2019. We are energized to see ema's momentum and how it has continued to catapult it to the forefront of IoT Innovation.

What This Award Means to Us

This award is further proof that ema is a game-changer in the IoT space and that industry experts have caught the vision of what is capable with the world's first Smart Embedded Modem™. Many manufacturers have created end-device certified cellular modems, but they fail to offer the "Connectivity-as-a-Service," and a full suite of backend management and monitoring options, all bundled inside of a tiny modem, that OptConnect ema™ delivers. This total package makes for a very robust, seamless, and enjoyable end-user experience that eliminates the delays, complexities, and frustrations of typical cellular M2M/IoT deployments.

This award also validates the hard work and effort that the OptConnect engineering and IT teams put into creating ema. Considering the number of resources that go into releasing a product to market, ema serves as a rewarding reminder of how far OptConnect has advanced as a business since its inception 10 years ago. It's indicative of how OptConnect provides superior customer satisfaction and is willing to innovate to meet the demands of our customer's needs. By managing all of the operational complexities of connectivity for our customers, we free them up to focus on their core business for greater success.

The Future of IoT

The IoT industry is evolving, and designers are continually looking for simpler and faster ways to get products to market. Plug-and-play functionality is becoming ever more popular, and ema sits atop this category with its robust feature set. Pair that with OptConnect's suite of managed services, and you have a complete solution out of the box that will allow for shorter windows of time for customers to get their product to market, with less expense, and without the stress and worry of having to certify their own devices.

OptConnect ema™ is an all-in-one solution aimed at making cellular connectivity quick and easy. Existing embedded modems have made it possible for companies to make changes to their equipment without needing to recertify their device, but have done little to solve the more complex and difficult connectivity issues involved with IoT projects including:

  • How do I get it correctly and efficiently connected to the carrier’s network and keep it reliably connected?
  • How do I determine when a device is disconnected, or if there’s a disturbance in the network?
  • Will my cloud service be notified?

OptConnect ema™ handles all of these issues with ease and mostly autonomously. This bundle of hardware, software, and backend services is what makes ema unique. We’ve built ema to be truly intelligent, truly managed, and truly monitored. All the customer board has to do is just use it.

OptConnect ema™ Wins - Moving Forward

OptConnect ema™ is just getting started and the future is bright. As more companies enter the IoT space and as more and more products need reliable connectivity, OptConnect has the solution to make it possible.

To view the full press release on our IoT Evolution award, click here. To learn more about OptConnect ema™, click here.

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