OptConnect Successfully Unveils ema at IoT World 2019

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Internet of Things World(IoT World) 2019 conference in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center. As OptConnect’s Embedded Cellular Engineer, I don’t always have a chance to attend tradeshows so I was excited to attend this event that is in its 6th year to network and learn within the growing IoT community.

Suppliers and Manufacturers of all types in the IoT products space within all industry sectors; manufacturing & supply chain, smart cities, energy & utilities, connected cars, smart home, healthcare, IoT in retail, insurance, finance, smart buildings, and agriculture, were in attendance. OptConnect has spent the past 10+ years perfecting managed wireless services for our customers and has operated in the IoT space for quite some time, but this show was our first big push with the launch of our brand-new product.

Launching OptConnect ema™ at IoT World

We selected this event as the launching pad for our patent-pending Smart Embedded Modem™solution for M2M/IoT applications, called OptConnect ema™. This revolutionary product eliminates the delays, complexities, and frustrations of typical cellular IoT deployments and provides Connectivity-as-a-Service. As a fully certified LTE Category 4 modem, OptConnect ema™ is unique in that it includes onboard intelligence, embedded firmware, and software paired with OptConnect’s industry-leading suite of managed services.

To demonstrate just how unique and easy OptConnect ema™ is to incorporate into an IoT solution, we created a “smart” arcade machine with just a couple days of engineering and set-up before the show. We were able to transform this simple claw machine with no connectivity built in, and turn it into a “smart” machine with many value-added features for its owner/operator, such as data on, credits collected, prizes won, environment temperature and humidity, tamper detection, etc. And like all great IoT stories, it all started with one engineer, in his garage. It just so happened to be my garage!

This claw machine let attendees see our fun side by challenging them to win OptConnect swag, all while showing them how easily a machine can run with OptConnect ema™. This was a great launching point to demonstrate the unique ecosystem that ema enables.

An IoT Game Changer

The beauty of OptConnect ema™ is how easy it is to now embed a fully-managed connectivity solution into any IoT project. OptConnect manages all of the operational complexities of connectivity so that customers can focus on their core business. No other embedded modem provides high quality monitoring and management, so we built one that does. We’ve patented it and we’ve brought it to market. We’ve made the “I” in the Internet of Things easy and reliable.

I genuinely believe that ema is a game changer. One of the most compelling features is its simplicity, and that it works "out of the box." You just have to use it. In its most basic use case, it just requires power to get up and running with a managed and monitored cellular connection.

The complexities of firmware middleware development to handle the most efficient ways to use the carrier's network have been removed and built in. Not to mention its full suite of certifications, enabling it to be an end device certified modem which will undoubtedly be a headache reducer for all the hardware designers out there.

When designers are architecting their systems for IoT, ema will be there to solve their problems and reduce overall time to market. Based on market feedback and trends, ema should evolve as a leading go-to solution in the IoT managed connectivity space.

To read the press release on our ema launch at IoT World, click here. For more information on OptConnect, please visit www.optconnect.com.

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