Optimized Connectivity with OptConnect Antenna Testing

We work tirelessly to make sure our OptConnect antenna options are stable and reliable. As a managed solutions provider we provide everything our customers need to simply plug their devices in and have instant internet connectivity. From the hardware, the data plan, the support, the warranty and so much more -- we handle all the wireless communications headaches so our customers can focus on their core business. Making sure all of our equipment is the best it can be, we spend a considerable amount of time testing and evaluating different OptConnect antenna options before we go to market. That testing and analysis extend all the way down to the antennas we send our customers so that we find the best-performing ones we can find.

Rigorous Testing

One way to look at the performance of an antenna is to compare each manufacturer’s datasheet. While these can be a good guide, these tests are not done by independent labs or companies so it’s difficult to trust what they are all saying since they all claim to be the best. In order to remove this bias, we decided to take the antenna testing to an independent lab in California where we could test and prove which antennas really were the best and then provide them to our customers. We recently brought a variety of antennas to 7layers Testing Laboratory in California. 7layers specializes in testing and certification of wireless devices including engineering support and test-product development.

Testing Goals

Our goal was two-fold. First to objectively evaluate many of the cellular antennas available today. Secondly to look at previous models that we have provided to our customers and determine as we help them upgrade from 3G to 4G, if the older antennas will work or if we need to provide newer antennas with the device upgrade. When OptConnect supplies an antenna with our managed solutions, you can have confidence that it has undergone rigorous testing. As cellular technology evolves, we need to make sure our products and accessories advance too. We sweat out the details so that you don’t have to.

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