New Summit 3.0 Updates Out Now

In April of 2022, we brought you our all new backend platform, Summit 3.0, to better support the ever-evolving needs of our customers. We know customers rely on OptConnect to provide a completely managed and robust solution and that is why we will continue to enhance and improve the platform wherever we can.

In today’s blog post, we’ll take you through the new updates and provide insights from Summit expert John Toone.

What’s New?

Our customers operate in a myriad of business verticals, have different business models, and utilize varying processes and procedures best suited to them. So we wanted the primary page in Summit 3.0 from which they manage the connectivity of their devices to be just as diverse. That is why for this round of updates we focused on the search functionality and diverse views.

These updates include:

  • The device list table is now responsive, showing as a table on larger screens and as a card on smaller screens such as phones
  • Displayed columns can still be customized
  • All columns are filterable using dropdown menus in the header of each column, most of which also include sort options
  • Columns that have a filter applied show a funnel icon. Clicking the icon clears the filter for that column
  • The sorted column displays a sort icon in the header. Clicking the icon will reverse the sort direction
  • On small screens the filters are displayed by touching the "Filters" button, which will show a dialog with sort options and all filtering options
  • Users can no longer switch between "Grid" and "List" view

What’s Important?

We sat down with Summit expert John Toone, to get his insights on this round of updates. According to John, the most important features in this round of updates are, “The ability to quickly search for specific devices based on the most important identifiers, such as a Serial Number, a unique Device ID, a Terminal ID, or even a custom Description,” said John Toone, Program and Development Manager at OptConnect. “But just as easily, the ability to further search across their entire portfolio and further curate a list of devices connected to their equipment.

  • Perhaps they want to search for devices that are only connected to a 5G network, or
  • Sort results based upon single Sim vs Dual-Sim options, or
  • Filter their connections based upon the city where their things are deployed, or
  • Even more finitely, filter the location of their Things by a specific Postal Code

John also provided insights on the new views available. “There are now up to 11 different parameters which users can select from, to customize how they view their connectivity, and they may choose to view as little as 1 or all 11, and in whichever order they prefer,” said Toone. ”The idea is to make the viewing, searching, sorting, and filtering as modular and varied as our users’ preferences and how they manage their own business.”

To learn more about Summit 3.0, please visit or contact us at 877-678-3343 if you have any questions.

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