More Reliable Payment Processing with Cellular Connectivity

At one time a landline was the most reliable support form of communication. Today much of that infrastructure is deteriorating, and the local telephone companies are not repairing it. Most people now rely on cell phones and have long since dropped their old landlines.

It is a problem that too many businesses are still relying on these old crumbling landlines to handle their credit card payments. Some are even relying on local Wi-Fi which has proven to be a real security risk. That is why cellular is the number one option for credit card terminals and point of sale systems.

Cellular vs. Wi-Fi

Many merchants connect their payment terminals to the internet using Wi-Fi connections. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) considers Wi-Fi networks to be open, public and not secure for payment processing. Nobody thinks it is a big deal until it becomes a security breach. Just ask Target, Home Depot, or TJ Maxx.

OptConnect’s cellular connectivity operates on private networks to prevent hacker attacks providing security and peace of mind. Maintaining compliance with the constantly changing regulations is only a part of why OptConnect is the industry leading wireless connectivity provider for payment processing.

When a POS system goes down, a business loses their ability to take credit and debit cards. And these days very few people carry cash. That is why a growing number of merchants are switching their communications to solutions like OptConnect for their payment processing to protect that revenue stream from debit and credit card payments.

Reliable Connectivity

OptConnect has routers that run on both the AT&T and Verizon networks. This ensures that you still have connectivity even if one of the cellular networks is having an issue. The various types of internet connections can be complicated and confusing.

Sometimes internet connectivity can be unstable based on network congestion or even weather-related issues. OptConnect offers a cellular connectivity solution for payment processing that is easy to install and reliable. No more running cords from server or back rooms across or through the building.

For more information on our easy to install, plug-and-play industrial-grade cellular routers for credit card terminals and point of sale systems, visit

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